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Group ShortDesc. Music Title Length Format Year
Fantasy Angel 01 An Angel is Flying Over the Clouds 5:53 IT 2000
Fantasy Medieval Ballad 4:30 IT 2000
Fantasy Adventurer in Merregnon 4:20 IT 2000
Fantasy War Story 1 The Last Morning 7:40 IT 2000
Fantasy War Story 2 The Awekening of the Evil 15:26 IT 2000
General Crystal Sweet 3:56 IT 2007
General Flutana Variata 11:23 IT 2006
General Sakatrann 1 & 2 Sakatrann Themes 1 and 2 8:05 IT 1998
Lore Lands Fogs 0:46 IT 2003
Lore Lands A Rainy Day 2:54 IT 2005

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