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The Space Ring is a cycle of 10 musics depicting the voyage of a Humans spaceship through the space which fleed their dying Earth for the search of a new planet to settle to. Technically, I wrote half of the musics during 1997 - 2001, and remastered them in 2008 for worthy releases. The second half is still in progress ...

ShortDesc. Music Title Length Format Year
1st Ring Shuttle Departure 5:31 IT 2008
2nd Ring Through the Infinite 5:12 IT 2008
3rd Ring BioCore System 5:16 IT 2021
4th Ring Space Leviathan IT 2021
5th Ring Death of a Sun 7:48 IT 2021
6th Ring Farspace Dance 5:55 (loop) IT 2008
7th Ring Not revealed yet
8th Ring Outer Galaxy Space Rock 7:35 (loop) IT 2008
9th Ring Not revealed yet
Last Ring Not revealed yet

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Note: the 2nd music "Through the Infinite" has been featured in a video made by Zeek for Demoscene TV. See it there. It was also on xplsv.tv (now defunct).