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From time to time I do some conversion of (game) musics I like. Globally, it is intended to sound like the originals so ... you may find there is nothing new here, except remembering you good old times and rediscover great composers!

The name of the original composer is put along each music.

ShortDesc. Music Title Author Length Format Year
Turrican Turrican Bonus Track (Amiga) Chris Huelsbeck IT 2000
Zelda 3 : A Link to the Past (SNES) Koji Kondo 14:47 IT 2000
Unreal Unreal (Amiga) Maniacs of Noise IT 2001
Terra Cresta (C64) Martin Galway IT 2003
ReBoot ReBoot : Space Fleet Theme Robert Buckley 4:07 MO3 2005
Not revealed yet Richard Joseph MO3 2009

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