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I gathered here musics under medieval and fantasy inspiration.

The "Adventurer in Merregnon" was composed for the Merregnon Compo (nov. 2000) which was part of the Merregnon Project at its beginning.
Epic battles and dramatic atmosphere, the cycle "War Stories" contains full orchestrated musics, pushing off the limits of Impulse Tracker and contains certainly about the biggest orchestral IT modules out there ...

ShortDesc. Music Title Length Format Year
Angel 01 An Angel is Flying Over the Clouds 5:53 IT 2000
Medieval Ballad 4:30 IT 2000
Adventurer in Merregnon 4:20 IT 2000
War Story 1 The Last Morning 7:40 IT 2000
War Story 2 The Awekening of the Evil 15:26 IT 2000

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